Monday, 2 March 2015

National Stationery Week #writingisforever

It’s a shame that we tend to write less now with emails, facebook messages and tweets paving the way we correspond with each other.  But with a special pen you feel you want to get your feelings straight onto paper.  Why not leave little notes around the house for everyone so they know how much they are loved!  Writing by hand shows so more effort and requires much more care than typing on a laptop.  You give the recipient something tangible to keep, a cherished memory to stash away somewhere safe.  Just imagine if the tooth fairy resorted to emails!  Lots of the magic would be lost.

I really love getting mail through the door.  Usually its boring bills or unsolicited junk, so to have a letter or a card really brings a shine to my day.  It’s a thoughtful gesture; the letters I received from friends and loved ones when I did Camp America aged 18 helped keep my homesickness at bay!  They made me giggle, they kept me up to date with gossip and it made all the difference to me settling into life at camp knowing everyone was thinking about me.

My Sheaffer Sagaris Roller Ball Metallic Blue pen came in a lovely presentation case, it’s a nice looking pen to have sat on my desk!  I do not think you feel like a proper writer unless you have a decent pen to hand.  This particular one helps you write with ease, the ink is very fluid.  

I prefer writing reviews by hand; I usually end up with little arrows everywhere as I change my mind about how I want the paragraphs to flow.  On a laptop it would just be a cut and paste job, you would not see the thought processes in place!  It tells you a lot about a person when you see their written work, whereas on a laptop things are more uniform and regimented.

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