Saturday, 7 March 2015

Playmobil Easter Eggs Revisited

We were sent these Playmobil Easter Eggs to review last year and they had a favourable reaction from the boys.  Again this year they were pleased to see the shiny bright egg and find out what could be hidden inside (if you get rid of the cardboard it can be a complete surprise!).  It is great that they appear to bring out new additions each year so you can be sure your child has something different that will interest and occupy them.

It’s certainly more entertaining than chocolate, they can come up with a little adventure with the pieces, using their imagination.  I am happy for my boys to have chocolate but not to the extent they do some years where they have about twenty Easter Eggs each!!!  Priced at £6.99 these eggs are a little bit more expensive than a chocolate one but they last so much longer… The sets come with plenty of pieces the pirate one had a boat, a figure, little accessories and fabulous details (a pirate hat, white cuffs and sash) so enough is included for the price.

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Mine tend to have a chocolate feast over the Easter holidays and then have nothing left a few days later.  With Playmobil they can have a lasting reminder of their Easter gift and will probably be grateful of a change from all the chocolate.  The set was easy to build, just a few bits to slot together and then you are provided with clear instructions. 

Children enjoy playing out different characters and the pirate theme is a popular one.  They can hide the included coins and go off finding them, you could even get them to draw a mini map and find X marks the spot!  The boat could be in a crocodile invested river and our brave pirate needs to keep his wits about him, the scope for exploits from one egg is pretty amazing!

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  1. I had to hide the Tractor one that arrived yesterday for Easter. They are such a good alternative to chocolate.