Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Stocking up with Chemist Direct

I never seem to have much time lately; each day seems to whiz on by.  As the boys have got older they seem to have more activities, school clubs and playdates.  I seem to have less time to keep the house stocked up!  I was very grateful of the opportunity to review Chemist Direct, as I really love the bulk buy offers they have on their site.  I am always running out of hand wash, I think the boys tend to use more than their fair share with each trip to the toilet.  But I do not need to worry about running out if I keep lots of bottles in reserve.

Buying in bulk is a sensible option when you are a busy parent and it does work out that bit cheaper.  I guess I should not grumble that the boys use so much hand wash on the plus side least it means they are actually bothering to wash their hands!  But running a home can be very expensive, even down to the toothpaste, toothbrushes (does you child manage to chew them down at a record speed or is it just mine!!!) and shampoo.  If I buy individuals we soon run out and then its squeezing in a trip to the shops.  It’s far easier to stay comfortable at home and let Chemist Direct deliver straight to me, then I do not get badgered my the children to buy them extra’s (sweets, chocolate, fizzy pop!) when all I wanted was more hand wash!

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I was impressed how far £50 stretched.  I found the site easy to manoeuvre and it was a simple matter finding the items I needed.  My shop was quite practical overall but I did sneak in an indulgent lip-gloss for myself!  There was an extensive selection of products available on the site, as you can see from my picture they even have items for pets, Summer was pleased about this!  It makes it a one-stop shop for most of your needs, beauty, prescriptions, toiletries, vitamins and pet health.  I think I will be using Chemist Direct again as I like the convenience and have found the prices to be competitive.  If you have a bigger family than you will really appreciate buying all your essentials in bulk.  We seem to go through enough with just the four of us.    


  1. Looks like you did really well with your £50!

  2. I love that you didnt forget the dog! x