Friday, 10 April 2015

Budgeting with a Family in the Holidays

It can be hard making ends meet especially during the holidays, you can soon loose track of your bank account, especially if you’re not keeping close tabs.  The odd ice cream, fish and chip dinner, trip to the Farm Park or panto can soon add up.  We always make sure we use a joint account like the ones at TSB, as we do like to pay for everything together.  What little I earn tops up hubbies income and between us we know exactly how much we have left over after the essentials (never very much for a rock and roll lifestyle anyway!). 

My friend has separate accounts from her partner and they divvy out what each other has to pay for.  I would prefer to be dipping into one (slightly) bigger pot so we can quickly see if we risk getting overdrawn.  It’s enough to keep track of one bank account never mind two or three.  I like things simple and easy to manage, especially when my boys lead a busy life.  If my money was just for their activities it probably would not even stretch that far!

So here are a couple of tips that have helped us cut back a little this holiday.  Look out for free events in your area; we went to a great one organised by Cadw.  The Lego workshop was an excellent opportunity for them to get creative, put their building skills to the test and have the chance to try out Lego animation for the first time.  They have such a memorable session and it suited them perfectly and the cost was nothing!

We have also had lots of walks, if you pack a picnic you can be out for hours.  Ideally somewhere quite remote without shops to tempt children with the long list of “I wants”!!!  

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We like to try our hand at geocaching at any available opportunity; you can install the app and then hunt to your hearts content, if your lucky you might even find some treasure (a little toy to take and replace with something you have brought along!).

If you have a beach in driving distance its worth heading there, children can spend ages making sandcastles, paddling in the sea, looking for pretty shells or kicking a ball about.  Again if you can avoid the ice cream stands and pack a picnic you can spend relatively little.

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Fortunately the boys go back on Monday and we are not overdrawn… yet!

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