Sunday, 5 April 2015

Daring to be Different

If you are sick of the run of the mill fashion out there and want your child to stand out of the crowd then you are certainly spoilt for choice at Melijoe.  Below are my personal favourites from the site but more than anything I would like the boys to feel confident to experiment with fashion.  They might be that bit more unusual but that’s why they captured my attention.  My boys would have clothes and shoes to be noticed in if I ordered this lot.  They are interesting choices but ones my boys would still be happy to wear.

Adidas Originals Trainers – these are fantastic I love the little tails, the cute face and the striped details.  I know my youngest who adores all wild cats would go crazy for a pair.  They are priced at £83.10, which is slightly more than we would normally spend, but sometimes you are willing to make an exception for the right product!

Ikks Jean Customisation Set – at £3.78 these are a cheap way to customise your child’s jeans.  Why have the same denim look as everyone else when you can make his or her jeans look that bit more out of the ordinary.

Antony Morato dark blue Panama hat - £21.91 will help your child stand out at the beach, they will keep their head in the shade and look super stylish.  I think if you can spend a bit more at least you know not everyone else will be seen in the same sunhat!  I like this one as it makes them look like mini gentlemen!

Stella McCartney Kids t-shirt – you often see the same format in t-shirts regardless of where you buy them, similar sounding slogans or the same type of backdrops but I think this cable car t-shirt is a bit more distinctive.  I have not noticed this kind of design before.

Hackett leather schoolbagmy two usually have superhero’s or computer characters on their school bags, this is a sophisticated alternative.  It’s a clean modern design that looks like they mean business when they get to school!  Plus classics don’t date and my boys favourite shows change with regularity!

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