Sunday, 19 April 2015

Driving Safely

Once you become a parent your much more aware of safety I think, I probably would wrap my two in cotton wool given half a chance but that probably would stop them having so many fun adventures and learning from experience.  But all parents are different; some are more relaxed than others.  I am considered quite uptight in my circle of friends but that’s just my personality and we all have our own way for dealing with things. 

For example we went for a Skoda car because it had the highest safety rating that we could afford and I do worry when we take long road trips, as not all road users are conscientious.  With the additional rear side airbags we feel the boys are better protected and we are more prepared for the dangers on the road.  You can check on the Euro NCAP to see which are the safer cars on the market.  We make sure the boys always use booster seats and act appropriately in the car; the amount of children I see with their arms dangling dangerously out of windows is quite scary!

But we cannot control other drivers so I am all for Insurance Revolution wanting to raise awareness about drink driving and this helpful drink drive calculator is just one part of the overall campaign.  We are not big drinkers ourselves just have the occasional one every now and then but I am all for educating others that might not be quite as cautious.  I do think it’s very important to check you’re within a sensible limit before considering driving.  If you have your most precious cargo with you ensuring your afternoon drink will not effect your driving ability is crucial.

It’s quite a comprehensive method as it asks for your gender, age, height and weight all factors which can affect how much you can safely drink (your Blood Alcohol Content).  It’s great as using the calculator might make some drivers think twice before taking to the road after a session in the pub but please only use it as a guide as it has not been approved by the police. 

Many people do not realise the legal drink drive limits or how long alcohol stays in your body.   Even if you are aware of the current English drink drive limit being 35 microgrammes of alcohol per 100 millilitres of breath, you might not understand what that actually means.  To be honest I am pretty clueless myself so the calculator is much easier for me to understand.

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