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Ffrees Spring Dinner Campaign: A Meal on a Budget

It’s hard making our money stretch, so I was quite excited to be involved in this blogger campaign with Ffrees the new current account to see if we could make up a Spring Menu, a three-course meal no less for four people for £20!

It is great to think you can make a restaurant worthy meal on a budget.  If we had been eating out it would have cost considerably more, especially if you factor in getting a babysitter!  We hardly ever eat out and tend to stick to a similar format to our meals so it was fun to try something different and be a bit more ambitious!  We were grateful to Ffrees for the motivation to spend less money on making a great meal.

Here is our ingredient list:

1 x Crusty Loaf
8 x Medium Tomatoes
1 X Red Onion
1 X Garlic
Balsamic Vinegar
Sun dried Tomatoes
Mixed herbs
Full fat soft cheese
Chicken Breasts
Double Cream
Sponge fingers

We also pinched some of the boys Easter chocolate to grate on top of the trifle but we did not budget for that as it was more to make the trifle look pretty than a necessity!  We also had olive oil in the cupboard but everything else came out of the £20. 

Our menu was tomato bruschetta followed by stuffed chicken with salad and homemade chunky chips and then to indulge our sweet tooth a strawberry trifle.  Each of the courses had lots of great flavours, the bruschetta might even have been my personal favourite and I normally would pick the pudding option every time.  It was quite a healthy menu with lots of green salad and hidden strawberries for the boys in the trifle!

The boys enjoyed the main and the dessert option, but bruschetta was not for them.  They are a bit picky though and prefer tomatoes only in ketchup form!  It is good to have tried to introduce them to something else though as they might be more willing to try other foods in the future.

For the bruschetta make sure you leave enough time for the ingredients to stand before serving, the flavours mix in and if left for at least an hour.  We preferred the mixture at room temperature but you can serve it straight from the fridge onto the warm toast.

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For the main you can use your remaining crusty loaf to mop up all the lovely sauce, but hubbie likes chips with everything so we had them instead!

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The trifle was wonderful but our serving dish was overflowing, hubbie was very generous with the jelly, custard and cream, fortunately we managed to get a picture before it started pouring over the sides!  Once served though it went down well with everyone.

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If you had £20 to spend what would you cook?

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