Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Introducing the boys to opera

I really enjoy variety in the activities and trips we take as a family.  But something we have never tried is opera, I am not sure what the boys would make of all the singing and they might not understand quite what the show is about but they would absolutely love the costumes.  

We have plans to visit London so the ENO is very convenient and I really think the boys would be captivated by The Pirates of Penzance.  There seems to be quite a bit of debate whether it is actually child friendly, but I think that’s more about children getting bored of the performance rather than being scared by anything in particular.

My two have always liked pirates anyway from dressing up as much younger children, as toddlers they were often seen brandishing a cutlass and speaking in pirate tongue!  The backdrops and pirate ship will keep them focused on the witty tale.

My two have quite a good attention span for films and pantomimes so I am hopeful they would be the same with this.  Plus The Pirates of Penzance is all about silliness, being a comic opera with lots of swordfights it will interest my pair of rapscallions.  

A few of the more racy jokes will be missed completely by the children hopefully!  Although saying that the other day my son was listening to a song on the radio and asked “what is magic in your pants?” – so perhaps they are starting to listen more closely to things… (Cue some quick parenting fabrications!). The performances are on May through to June and it’s a chance to introduce your children to something a bit different and more memorable.  Given that The Pirates of Penzance originally premiered in 1879 it must be doing something right to still be going strong all these years later.

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