Thursday, 2 April 2015

#LEGOMixels #mixmaxmurp Challenge 2015

The boys were excited to be involved in the Mix Max Murp Challenge, they really like Mixels anyway but it was more fun to build one combining elements of a few different packs.  

So using their imagination and a generous selection of pieces Fly Eye was created.

They gave Fly Eye some powers, well quite a few powers really!  Apparently he can create a windstorm with his wings, flame the baddies (he has an operating flame!) and comes complete with a signal switch to finish them off with a spot of electrocution!!!  Basically in summary you would not want to go into battle with Fly Eye, your chances of winning sound slim at best.

He also has a very handy feature he can detach one of his eyes and look into space; the eye in question comes with an spheroidal dome helmet to ensure it can breathe I guess.  I did not quite get into that with the boys but I am assuming that is their logic of sorts.

I was told I needed to list his defenses and protection capabilities, with so much thought put into attacking its nice to think they considered all aspects.  In terms of defense the boys gave him a spike and a tail, which can bash away enemies.  In built protection involved a shield by the fire flame to save Fly Eye from harming himself.

A fun fact is his tail is not on the back of his body but on the side.  I think that just about sums up everything the boys taught me about their new character.  You still have time to make your own, the competition closes on the 5th of April so be quick.  

The winner of the best creation will receive the entire Series 4 and 5 of Mixels so there has never been a better time to get mixing, just tweet your entry using the hashtags #LEGOMixels #mixmaxmurp.  Good luck!

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