Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Marley Spoon: Our Experience

I am not very adventurous in the kitchen; I would love to be more confident trying different ingredients and making meals from scratch.  My mum makes delicious meals and her talent never rubbed off on me.  Well that may soon be changing, I was sent a sample recipe from Marley Spoon and everything needed to make the meal.  It arrived in perfect condition, everything was well packaged and nothing was spilt or broken.

It’s so convenient just having everything arrive to your doorstep, no having to head to the shops for ingredients or wondering what on earth to cook for dinner!  The inspiration is there on the site, every week the Marley Spoon chefs make seven mouth-watering recipes and you can pick and choose the ones you would like to re-create at home.

The recipe was broken into simple stages and it was surprisingly easy to produce a tasty meal.  It helped having everything to hand, the ingredients are measured out and ready to be added, it saves so much energy too.  As parents I always find us short on time, so anything that can speed up our time in the kitchen is a plus.

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Our Sun dried tomato and feta lamb burger with Greek salad was a real culinary treat.  It had so many strong flavours; it was a welcome change from our usual fare.  It also looked so very appetising on the plate; I am hoping it will spur us on to be more ambitious at mealtimes.  Although if not, we can always keep a subscription going to improve our cooking ability! 

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Given how much we seem to spend on our weekly shop lately, I do not think Marley Spoon is too badly priced.  If you have a busy career person out of the house for long periods of time it’s a relief having the food shopping done for you!  I also like the flexibility of the subscription you can pause at anytime (great if you are off on holiday) and you can also skip a week if nothing takes your fancy (although this is unlikely with the excellent choice of meat, fish and veggie options).

The first fifty readers to redeem the code MarleyTreat will get a generous 25GBP deducted off their first order.

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