Sunday, 26 April 2015

Nestle Cereals Challenge

We were quite excited with our latest delivery, although I was hard pressed to get the boys to use the cereal for crafting, they just wanted to eat them ALL up!

Once they settled into the activity and covered everything in sticky glue they had lots of fun (and finally stopped snacking!).  The theme was bugs because remarkably 47% of children have munched on a creepy crawly at some point but two thirds refuse to eat their greens (according to research by Nestle Cereals).  Nestle like making sure children get plenty of minerals and vitamins and use whole grain with their green-bannered cereal.  Hopefully then the bugs might not look quite so appetizing… 

Nestle had made a #CerealCaterpillar that was very impressive, our offerings were much more miniature.  I do not think we would take this bug troupe on tour but I would recommend you try the activity with your own children.  Nestle Cereals have so many different shapes and textures that its quite a sensory experience, especially with all the tasting of the various cereals that goes on before eventually picking out the best one to use for each bug!

We utilised the cereal boxes making them into bug shapes and then went from there, pipecleaners were turned into legs and Cheerio’s made excellent eyes.  Feathers added colour whether as wings or for the body itself.  It’s really enjoyable being creative with your children and how often do you get to incorporate cereal into an activity.  We will certainly be using Nestle Cereals again in this way; even the adults were keen to get involved. 

Our display had a butterfly, a ladybird (on the bark of a coco shreddies tree), a queen bee (note the pipecleaner crown!), a little fly and a beetle.  Most of the cereals were used, except for Golden Nuggets, which they outright refused as they were to be breakfast!  So if you do plan on using cereal for crafting make sure you get PLENTY in so that you have spare to be nibbled on throughout the activity.

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