Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Putting a Spring in your Step - Interior Design Tips for Spring

Winter is my least favourite season. It seems to drag on forever, with damp, grey days and long, cold nights. However, this week I’ve truly had a spring in my step - the clocks have finally ‘sprung’ forward, the verges around Henley are crowded with beautiful daffodils, and it’s just warm enough for Sunday afternoon walks.

I love to incorporate seasonal touches when decorating a home, from bright summery floral prints to rustic autumn leaves. Here are my best tips to bring spring into your home - no matter how frosty the weather!

Fresh Flowers

Mason-jar flower vases are popular amongst the Pinterest crowd, and are often used as DIY wedding ornaments. However, these rustic glass containers can also be used to decorate the home. Springtime snowdrops and daffodils are perhaps the most obvious choice, but any bright flower will add a pop of colour to the room.

On a side note, stay away from fake plants. Although they’re convenient and don’t need replacing, they are magnets for dust and look unsightly. Spring is all about new life blooming, so head outside and pick your own fresh flowers.

Light it Up 

Although the days are full of bright sunlight, early springtime evenings can still be a touch too gloomy for my liking. However, switching on the lights feels like a step too far, especially if there’s still some sunlight outside. I find a delicately scented candle or two can make a room feel warm and light.   

Coloured candles - particularly red and gold - are strongly associated with winter and Christmas, so try to choose a fresh white look where possible. I personally love floral scents, although linen and grass are perennial spring favourites.  


Trick Your Senses 

Another way to reflect the new season is to fill your home with pale fabrics. If you have a light paisley bedspread or cream-coloured rug tucked away, now is a good time to dig it out. If possible, choose fabrics with warm undertones - reds, yellows, and browns - to make your home feel welcoming.  

Admittedly, not every home will suit lighter fabrics. If your personal decorating style is more mahogany than magnolia, simply rearranging the furniture can evoke that springtime sense of new beginnings. 

Picnic Chic 

Spring is officially the beginning of picnic season - weather permitting of course! Any time from the beginning of April, I can be found rambling along the banks of the River Thames, picnic basket in hand. However, you don’t have to head out into the great outdoors to feel the benefit - put away your heavy cutlery and dark tablemats, and bring some picnic chic to your dining room.
Wicker baskets and wooden salad utensils add a hint of springtime style - or you could go all-out kitsch with a red checked tablecloth. 


This post was written by Anne Haimes of AH Interiors. Anne is a passionate interior designer with over 20 years’ experience, based in Henley-on-Thames, England.   

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