Monday, 27 April 2015

Remember a Dog is for Life

Yes Summer can be a little terror especially at the moment, she has chewed through her lead and harness, she will occasionally wee in her bed (even though she is trained!) if she is not impressed with going into her crate when I have to nip out and she will given half the chance destroy ALL the boys soft toys.  

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But regardless she is very much loved and a key member of our little family.  We would be lost without her, with that endless wagging tail, those adoring eyes that close in contentment when you give her fuss and her general energy and enthusiasm for life!  We could not ask for a more loyal and loving companion.

I love puppy cuddles! x

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I was sad to read some of the reasons dogs were given to the Dogs Trust, obviously there will be rare occasions when dogs might need to be re-homed, the owner might be in hospital or circumstances do sadly change.  It does not always work out, but some of the reasons were quite shocking to read:

“He looked different after we walked him in the rain”

“He wags his tail too much”

“All the puppy did was sleep.  We wanted a dog we could play with”

“He was too loving and needed too much attention”

“He’s too playful – we haven’t sat down since we got him”

“He kept coughing in the night and work me up”

Seriously it makes me want to tell these people to get a grip.  I think “I’m worried our toddler will copy him and poo in the garden!” has to be my favourite #epicfail, obviously the parents did not think the fact they used a toilet might give the child a clear lead on toileting!  I have never once worried the boys will follow suit, we had an older dog before Summer and my then toddlers never felt compelled to go to toilet in the garden.  The boys had friends who would wee in the garden and those children had no dog in residence to blame, children can be perfectly feral on their own it’s a bit mean to blame a dog…

Puppies can he a handful there will be times you might be frustrated but all that training will pay off, it’s a wonderful feeling when you finally toilet train your dog and as for all the sleeping, I was exceptionally grateful when Summer had her nap (heaven help anyone who tried to knock on the door or make a phone call in that previous hour!), those sleepy days soon pass and she is up and active these days but slightly less manic!

“My dog is old and going to die soon” this one breaks my heart; surely at the end of its life your doggy companion deserves to be with you.  Yes it can be expensive paying for vet treatment but your dog has earnt that right.  They have been by your side for years it is sad to give up on them at the end, I wanted to be around our old dog till the very last moment, it crushed me when she passed on, but she had a long and full life surrounded by everyone who loved her.

Please hang in there through the trickier times, with training you can pretty much correct anything and that bond with your dog makes everything worthwhile!  We will just be placing soft toys and leads out of reach.

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  1. Just found your blog through the Sweet Freedom website ! It's lovely! I can't believe some of those reasons for getting rid of a dog - we have a black mini schnauzer and she is a proper member of our family - when I get in from work she rushes to greet me and wants picking up for a cuddle and a hug - adorable xxx Your dog is gorgeous too x