Friday, 3 April 2015

soniclear Cleansing System Review

If I am honest I do not have the best complexion usually, my friends little daughter always questions if I have chicken pox when I visit for lunch (great morale boost!).  So as you can imagine I was very eager to review a facial sonic cleansing system that promised 6 x better cleansing than hand washing alone.

From the very first use I noticed an improvement, my skin was softer to touch, noticeably different.  The use of the soniclear can become a relaxing aspect of your daily routine; it’s like having your own luxurious facial massage but in the comfort of your own home.  Even if you have sensitive skin you can adjust the speed so you can also benefit from improved skin tone and a reduction in lines and wrinkles.  I felt very fresh faced after using the product.

Initially I was slow to get the soniclear charged up and ready to go, I regret taking so long to read the instructions now as its such a simple product to get the hang of.  It comes complete with two cleansing heads (one for the face and a bigger one for the body) but the soniclear is so sophisticated it knows which brush head you are currently using and adjusts the speed accordingly.  It also has an inbuilt timer so you know when you should move to another area.

The soniclear is the first cleansing system of its kind to have LIFE antimicrobial product protection, this guards against bacteria growing on your brush.  This makes the product stand out against its competition for me, the thought of old skin cells and moisture hanging around when I next want to cleanse my skin would ruin the whole experience.  But soniclear ensures your brushes are cleaner and fresher for the life of the brush.

It is easy to incorporate into your routine because it can be used in the shower or bath, so when you are getting washed in the morning you can also give your face a quick cleanse.  Finding time to look after ourselves is often difficult with children being so time consuming but as Soniclear is cordless and waterproof you might as well use the time your soaking in the bath productively.  I certainly am glad I had an opportunity to try this product, my forehead and chin are my troublesome areas and it has worked wonders on them.

You can team up your soniclear with one of the Michael Todd true organics cleansers, these sound really lovely and are all pitched as gentle products for the skin.  I have not tried them myself but the Honey and Oat deep pore gel cleanser has favourable reviews for tackling breakout prone skin.  I need some of this in my life too I think, but even just using the soniclear and warm water (or a cheaper cleanser) has made a difference and I feel more confident about my appearance.

Using the links in this post will give you a 20% discount off this fantastic product, normally it retails at £120 so it’s a considerable saving.  The discount is applied automatically you do not need to use a code.  For a limited time only you also get a free Concentrated C Serum worth $37 when you spend £30 or over, you can see more details on the home page.

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