Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Taking the Stress out of Holidays

When we went abroad to Portugal a few years back we had to pay quite a bit for airport car parking, plus it was a long drive there before we even started on our flight and subsequent transfers.  Hubbie was tired and possibly a little grumpy and the boys were fed up from having been cooped up in the car for a good few hours, only to go straight on a plane and sit “nicely” in a seat for a few more hours… then it was onto a transfer before finally a little golf buggy ride to our accommodation.

Not sure how they are still smiling seeing as we had been travelling ALL day!  I think it was genuine relief to finally arrive at our destination.

I would love to start our flight feeling more refreshed and less frazzled!  So I really do love the Park Stay n Go offer at the Holiday Inn Eastleigh, it is very convenient for flights from Southampton airport being only a 5 minute taxi ride.   Having a good nights sleep before you start your journey makes all the difference, you can handle whatever tantrums and tears there are to deal with and approach the flight in the right frame of mind, ideally with lots of patience and activities to keep children occupied.

It is pitched as a more economical option to park your car, but for me the biggest attraction is having that nights stay combined.  I think when you are parents you should aim to make life as easy as possible for yourself and part of that is getting enough rest!  Being over ambitious in your journey planning can make for proper meltdowns!!!  I speak from experience…

With parking available up to 21 days you can even enjoy an extended vacation and know your car will be waiting safely for your return.  I would probably stretch to another nights accommodation just so we could brace ourselves for the return drive home… there are only so many times you can answer the question “are we there yet?” with any enthusiasm, before losing the will to travel completely!  Plus they have a pool so I could try and tire the boys out so they might sleep the entire journey home (I can live in hope!) or at least have an extended nap so we do not have to play quite so many games of guess the colour of the next car!

This is a collaborative post but all thoughts are my own.

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