Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Travelling Abroad with Young Children

We were spoilt last week with glorious sunshine but this week its back to being rather gloomy, so its got me thinking I would love to take the boys abroad again.  Travelling with young children can be quite stressful though, you need to do your research to make sure you find child friendly accommodation and depending on the age of your little ones you might need to cart a whole host of extra’s along with you on holiday!  When you have cases stuffed with monitors, the steriliser, the bed guard and a play mat you quickly realise you do not have any room for some clothes of your own!!!  Fortunately my two require none of those bigger items but they do still enjoy having a nice selection of books along with a few board games and puzzles.  So ideally I like it if I can find accommodation that has those included, especially if your worried about the baggage allowance on the plane journey.

French Loaf is one such provider of holidays equipped for every baby and childcare eventuality; some items just need to request before you arrive others are conveniently ready and waiting for you.  When my two were tiny the holiday packing list was so comprehensive we tended to stay in the UK as it was easier just to load up the car, but it was a shame my two were missing out on the culture of other places.  You do not need to restrict your travels when you have accommodation that offers so much.

If this is your first trip abroad there is plenty of advice to be had in this article 50 top tips for travelling abroad with kids it covers everything from the planning stages, travel to your destination, staying healthy and being on the holiday itself.  It’s so informative and exhaustive that even though we have already had our first trip abroad I will be using it as a guide before we book our next trip.  One thing we always do as a family is plan our activities, my two tend to need lots of variety, they do like the simple things like walks and time on beaches but they also quite enjoy an excursion.  I tend to do lots of research online to see what is located in the vicinity then head to tripadvisor to see if the what the attraction promises match up with people’s experiences!

On arrival always check your accommodation is safe for your family, French Loaf have child proofed their properties but not all holiday owners are so obliging.  We tend to double check locks and access how safe the new environment is before letting them run freely.  I like that the previous article suggested checking how hot the water is before showering your little ones.  If you are careful with the little details your holiday is likely to go that much more smoothly.

Even if you book accommodation with all the childcare essentials included you still will need to pack a fair amount, you can find printable lists online that you tick off that can really help.  Make sure you have everything you need for a safe holiday, the NHS have a few suggestions like the all important sun cream and armbands!  We always tend to arrive at our destination forgetting something and then the first martial argument starts about whose fault that was!!!  It’s not usually the best start to the holiday, so we are all for printing lists these days.

When you get to your destination your children will be exhausted from the journey and fed up from being cooped up, they will want to stretch their legs and tuck into some food.  So always plan how you will get your first meal, whether you can pre-book a hamper to be waiting in your accommodation or have the location for your closest supermarket to hand.  Children can get progressively grumpier if they are not quickly fed and watered!

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