Saturday, 25 April 2015

#VanishGoldForWhites Our Second Challenge

We were sent a lovely set of white Egyptian cotton bedding from Vanish to try out the second challenge.  I must admit in this house I have never been brave enough before to have white bedding, we usually buy black ones!  But our usual choice makes the room look quite dark, I am looking forward to having a lighter option for the warmer months ahead.

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With two boys that like sitting in our bed when it suits them to eat chocolate (that usually melts into the bedding!) and a dog that often follows them (sometimes with muddy paws from the garden) I thought it would soon discolour.  But by continuing to use our Vanish Gold for Whites product they have stayed very white and bright.

The boys said it’s like holiday bedding; whenever we stay in hotels they always have lovely crisp white bedding.  It’s so fresh looking for the room and with Vanish Gold to hand I know we can keep it looking that way.  It seemed the most practical option going for dark bedding before but its so easy to use Vanish that I have the luxury of picking the bedding I really want from now on.  It’s so convenient just adding some to each wash; even without soaking the linen you can see very impressive results.

My youngest had a friend over the other week for a playdate and unfortunately her school uniform got covered in paint and glitter with their enthusiastic crafting efforts, so I sent her home with a tub of Vanish and apologies to the parent!  Fortunately Vanish sorts out even the most trickiest of stains…

You might like to read about our previous challenge on a discoloured shirt here.  We keep having such a positive experience of Vanish so will definitely be continuing to use Vanish regularly.  It is a quick and simple way to keep your clothes and linen looking as good as the day you bought them.  With bedding this luxurious from The White Company the last thing we wanted was for them to ruin.  Thankfully even with mud, chocolate and a sweaty husband I have bedding to be proud of!

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