Saturday, 4 April 2015

Walking in the Sunshine

I like to get the boys as active as possible, given half a chance they would spend all day playing computer games.  I can just see them with teeny tiny scrunched up eyes, glazed over, just focused solely on the animation on the screen, so instead we quickly hop into the car and explore what the gorgeous Welsh countryside has to offer.  The Easter holidays have many days to fill especially as we have already had an extra week out of term time at Bluestone; so long walks keep them occupied for a good few hours and try and diffuse the noise of boys by heading outdoors!!!

Wales is so lush and green, such a beautiful backdrop for adventure.  Wooden sticks become a magical staff or gun to fight some mysterious creature of their imaginations. On top of that with a picnic of boiled eggs, cheese sandwiches, homemade fruit cake and strawberries we felt like characters out of an Enid Blyton story, just needing the bottles of ginger beer to complete the imagine (I stop short of the cold tongue sandwiches eeek!).  Plus we did not have to spend much, just fuel for the car and food for our tummies that we already had in the house.  I would love to do more attractions but the cost some adds up.

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You would think all that fresh air would tire them out but you still hear the regular stream of complaints, “my feet hurts”, “I need to sit down” and “is it time for a snack?” on repeat again and again until you think your poor ears might explode.  But its worth preserving the sun was shining, we stumbled upon a babbling brook and we did manage to exhaust the puppy!  So on the whole it was a successful outing.  Now what to do tomorrow? Lets hope for more sunshine…

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