Friday, 8 May 2015

Apricot Online Review

I was delighted to be sent an item from Apricot Online to review, I love butterflies and they currently have plenty of choice with that particular pattern.  I found the prices very reasonable; I think I usually feel guilty buying clothes for myself, as the boys always need something new.  But these clothes are stylish and fortunately affordable, so I can refresh my wardrobe without breaking the bank.  Picking my review item was the hardest part; I will definitely be back to order more as lots caught my eye it was so difficult settling for just one.

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The quality was good; the oversized jumper I picked fit me well and was comfortable to wear, it costs £28.00 but you could easily think it cost considerably more, its such a bargain I am tempted to get it in Stone aswell.  The only thing after having a picture for my blog I wish I was off on a night out instead of changing back into my dressing gown to settle in for the evening!!!  The good thing though when I am next out with the girls I will have the perfect outfit ready and waiting.

Whatever you are after you will find it here, vintage dresses, clothes for a special occasion and those wardrobe staples everyone needs!  It’s worth regularly returning to the seasonal reductions to see what bargains you can snap up.  I did see some wonderful woolly jumpers that would be handy to buy now and keep ready for winter.

You get free standard delivery on orders over £75 but you will have no trouble spending that amount!  If you’re a bit clueless when it comes to fashion (like me!) then the key trends section is useful to guide you in the right direction.  As it is I do tend to just buy what I like the look of whether it is actually in fashion or not.

The last time I bought a dress it cost a small fortune (for me anyway!) from Next to attend Britmums, this one is a steal at £25.  I will definitely be checking on Apricot Online before making any further purchasing decisions, it would be silly not to!

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