Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Children and Allergies

We are quite fortunate in that none of us seem to have any allergies of note; the boys have always been okay in that respect (fingers crossed it will continue that way!).  It is a serious worry when children do have an adverse reaction to certain foods, its not only making sure you keep a tight reign on the situation at home but also stopping other parents and children unwittingly giving potentially dangerous food to your child to eat.  At the playschool I cover relief I always have multiple beady eyes watching me when I start my lunch, but I will never share, not through wanting to be unkind but because I am terrified my lunch will continue something dangerous for one of the children.

A familiar one is nut allergies, which can lead to a swelling in the throat and serious breathing difficulties, I remember a friend always had to carry a special adrenaline injection in case she ran into difficulty.  Peanuts are one of the most common problems, so with babies and young children be very careful about introducing foods.  

According to the British Lion Eggs website allergies become less of a problem when children reach 5+, which is a relief for me as my boys are now 6 and 7.  You can find more information about Egg allergy on their website but the further information is applicable to all types of food allergy and intolerance.

Touchwood my boys seem okay with eggs, which is a good thing seeing as they enjoy boiled eggs, fried eggs and scrambled eggs so much.  

But if you do have any concerns it is worth being referred to a specialist allergy clinic.  When I was a child with severe asthma I went to one of these and I was skin prick tested for lots of different allergies because of it my mum then took away cows milk (including my much loved Dairy Milk chocolate!!!) from my diet.  I was stuck with carob chocolate and goats milk for years… back then goats milk was much more smelly from what I recall, that’s when I starting drinking my tea black.

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