Saturday, 16 May 2015

Excited to join the #netflixstreamteam

I am thrilled to join the other Netflix bloggers as part of their exclusive Stream Team, I look forward to blogging monthly about Netflix and what we are enjoying watching.  

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I am already a BIG fan of Netflix and have already watched all of Breaking Bad and Orange is The New Black.  I am eagerly awaiting the start of series 3 of Orange is The New Black (not long now till June 12th!).

I love how the girls from the show tackle all the issues of life in prison.  It’s full on ladylove but if you can look past that (depending on your inclinations!) then you will see that it has a gripping plot!!!  The cast are fantastic and it can be very funny to watch.  So until June the 12th I am making the most of all my new favourite show, which is Once Upon A Time.

If you have not watched this then you must, its one big fairytale adventure with a twist!  Do not expect to see all the traditional characters in their normal roles, anything can happen in Once Upon A Time!  I have been watching a few episodes every night and we are now on series 3.  Once I get into a show I consume it up, as quickly as possible I just NEED to know what happens next.  Hook is devilishly handsome so I need a regular fix just to drool at him (ssssh don’t tell hubbie!!!).  I am enjoying watching the on screen chemistry between him and the lady lead and wondering if he can have a happy ending for a change.  Robert Carlyle is perfectly cast as Rumplestiltskin, he cracks up hubbie and I with his mannerisms!  He is a character you cannot help loving even though you probably should not forgive him for his shady behaviour!!!  I used to have a crush on him when he was Hamish Macbeth many moons ago (I even named my pet hamster Hamish!).

Other shows we are keen to watch are Better Call Saul and The Originals, I thought Saul was great in Breaking Bad so would like to see more of his character.  Vampire Diaries we watch regularly so I would like to see what the spin off is like.  The only problem we have with so many great shows on Netflix is finding time to schedule them all in our life!  I always feel most disgruntled when I have to blog in an evening if its keeping me away from Netflix but the fabulous thing is whatever time I manage to log off my laptop I have something fantastic waiting for me to watch.

During the day if we have been particularly active we try and watch a family film to relax with the boys.  Parenting is tiring so a little TV time is a chance to recuperate together; Netflix has a wonderful selection of films.  The boys especially enjoy the Spy Kids films; they have a keen sense of adventure even when it’s downtime on the sofa!!!

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