Monday, 11 May 2015

#FloridaTixbakeoff We Tried (and failed!)

Decorating cakes as we quickly discovered is not our forte, it seemed a good idea at the time for the Florida Tix 10th birthday bake off.  Well it had involved cake so that was the carrot dangled in front of me that got me on board straight away!

When the box of ingredients arrived I still felt quite upbeat and excited, seeing edible glitter, melts and bright vivid icing colours.  All new materials for us to try and experiment with, its easy to feel confident and enthusiastic prior to actually starting…

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But as the kitchen got more and more chaotic, our hands were stained in bright colours and the cake still did not have the magic Florida factor I quickly realised I did not have the skill or creative vision for the contest.  

Basically we just added as much icing and glitter as we could, the palm tree’s were held in my cocktail sticks (must remember to fish them out before giving to the children!) and floating Mickey head (to attempt the body too was just far too ambitious for me!) was a last ditch effort to add a Florida attraction to the cake.  I had wanted to add happy looking crabs, starfish and buckets and spades to the backdrop but realised it was late and bed was calling.

The kitchen is still looking a little sorry for itself this morning, even with the dishwasher on overdrive!  The cake on the whole was edible hubbie had already cut off the burnt edges before we slavered on the icing to cover a multitude of sins.  The cake did get a vaguely positive response from the boys the following morning though, they both recognised Mickey and liked the palm trees.

I am glad we had an attempt at cake decorating; it was something different to try!  But for the time being I will leave the cake baking to hubbie.  His are usually covered in chocolate buttons or rolos and always taste heavenly!   

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  1. Trying is never a fail! You gave it a good go, you developed an idea, I reckon that deserves appreciation.