Monday, 18 May 2015

Making Time to Learn

Time is something in short demand as your children get older, it seems a constant struggle getting them to fit in some reading or a bit of maths work alongside their busy schedule of after school clubs, activities and those constant grumbles for more screen time.  On top of that a couple of days a week they might have a friend over for tea or be at their house having the favour returned.  But I think it’s still important to do a little top up learning at home if you can, school classes are so big and resources are stretched to breaking point that a bit of dedicated learning can make all the difference to their results.

Parental attention has been proven to have a significant positive influence on your child’s development but it can be hard focusing your child’s interest when there are so many distractions at home.  One way to get round this is to see what else the school offers to support learning; they might have some dedicated after school clubs to assist with reading and homework.  If they do not then it might be worth booking structured sessions with a private tutor like that offered by Fleet Tutors, with it being a set time every week you will find it actually goes ahead, unlike all those unfinished activity books that we keep meaning to finish at home…

I was a bit embarrassed sorting through those home resources we had book after book with only a few pages completed (and some were still waiting to be started!).  All those good intentions to give them a helping hand at home not quite going to plan!  Although however tired we are at the end of the day, we do not skip the bedtime story.  It’s one regular way to encourage a love of reading and helps your child master language from a young age.

You can head to the library together to pick out some books to coax them to become independent learners, choosing their own books means they will be more interested in the content and motivated to read it.

Fit in active learning whenever possible, head to a museum and let your child ask lots of questions about their visit or perhaps watch a play at the theatre and listen to their opinion of what they saw.  The easiest way to embrace learning is to capture their interest, if they are bored you have no chance and will just get badgered to give them more time on the XBOX!!!

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