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Oilatum Comfort Skin Tips

We were sent a rather fabulous Skincare Kit alongside some very useful Oilatum Comfort Skin Tips!  It can be upsetting dealing with children’s red and itchy skin but following these tips you can manage your child’s skin condition and see a huge improvement quite quickly.

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My children seem to be having fewer problems since we incorporated Oilatum products into our bath time routine (you can read our last review here).  Fortunately there are many more simple steps you can follow to make dry skin an issue in the far distant past.  Plus they are so easy to add into your daily routine, a few small changes here and there making a significant difference to tackling their dry skin problems.


Be aware of the temperature of the bath water, this is very important as hot water can irritate your child’s delicate skin.  I have found it helps to have a bath thermometer to do this (37 degrees C is the ideal best temperature), as it can be difficult to judge the temperature yourself, you might prefer the water a lot hotter than what is suitable for your baby or young child.


Limit baths to 5-10 minutes to avoid excess drying out of their skin.  My boys tend to stay in until they come out all wrinkled as they enjoy playing so much.  But I will definitely be keeping a closer eye on the time from now on.


Certain soaps and detergents can dry out their sensitive skin, so using products like Oilatum soothe and protect them instead.  The Oilatum Daily Junior Bath Foam is perfect for this and its great you can use it daily.


Remember to pat not rub the skin, as this is the best method for dry, delicate skin.


You can make moisturising more effective by applying it to damp skin, then continuing with the pat drying method.  The Oilatum Daily Junior Moisturising Lotion is very mild, so you can start using it straight away to soften and relieve young skin.


If your finding it hard to moisturise your child turn it into a game, Oilatum suggests getting your little ones to be like a scarecrow, staying straight and still even when it tickles!


Be thorough moisturising, even dry patches can be hiding in hair; so do not overlook those areas.


It’s essential to keep your little one’s bedroom cool, if its too warm it can affect their skin.  Using a room thermometer will enable you to keep track of this.


Wash clothes and bedding with non-biological products, we already do this as we learnt from experience, we only ever use Fairy now and that seems to work well with our boys. 

TIP 10

Finally make sure you dress your child in natural fabrics like cotton, it keeps the skin cool and they are softer against their skin.   Natural fabrics are non-allergenic so better all round.  But use towels, flannels and bedding all made from cotton too, so you have the gentlest option for your child.  Even better get organic cotton to make sure it has not been treated with harsh chemicals.

Hopefully by trying out these tips over the next 10 days you can soothe your child’s dry skin.  You can find out more information on the Oilatum website

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