Thursday, 28 May 2015

Relocating to the UK

There is a lot to take in when moving home, changing your contact details, packing up all your belongings and registering at a new school, dentist or doctor if applicable.  We had enough trouble just moving down the road, but if you change country then the whole experience can be ten times as stressful, so make sure you plan in advance.

It is easier if you make a checklist then you can tick off things as you do them and feel a real sense of achievement as you manage to get further down the list.  Being organised stops you from feeling overwhelmed which can easily happen when dealing with such a drastic life change.  It also pays to do your research; it’s sensible to populate your checklist with thorough information from the Internet or other sources so you do not miss anything important.  With so much going on it’s quite easy to skip a vital step.

Registering with the NHS is pretty essential when you first move to the UK and you can find more advice regarding this on the Lebara website.  If you have an ongoing medical condition it seems silly to wait until it flares up to register with the NHS, even if your not asthmatic, diabetic or dealing with some other chronic illness you might still catch a nasty bug and not want to delay seeing a doctor.  Plus you might need to get more medication to stay well, so its worth ticking this off your list straight away.

Equally important is applying for a school space for your children, the majority of schools are free to attend thankfully and you can get a list of the state schools and places from the education department in the area you have moved to.  Your children might initially be bewildered attending a new school and it can help to familiarise them with the school before their first day.  But hopefully they will soon settle in to the routine, make new friends and adapt to life in a different country.

Don’t forget to open a UK bank account to manage your finances, you will have to show proof of your address as part of the application process.  Hopefully by registering for your national insurance number by contacting the Jobcentre Plus and applying for lots of jobs you will soon have wages to go into your new bank account!

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