Friday, 26 June 2015

A Little Help With Life’s Obstacles

I was very grateful to receive a little SOS Mummy Survival Kit from TENA; us mums are run ragged looking after our little charges so a few sanity savers are gladly appreciated!

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I am all for anything to make life easier and this handy bag of essentials certainly does that.  To be honest I never thought I would get to the stage where I would comfortably blog about TENA but my needs are changing (and I am getting older and more accepting about the products I might be using as I age!) and I know eventually if it comes down to it I would use the product quite happily, far better to use a liner to keep dry and fresh than the stinky alternative…

I did make a point of religiously doing my pelvic floor exercises to strengthen the muscles after the birth of my boys so I could still control my bladder, so fortunately at this moment in time I am okay in that department but bladder weakness is a genuine concern for many people regardless of age!  The liners are very discrete so no one would tell you are wearing one but they still cope well with those little leaks.  Apparently bladder weakness effects up to 69% of pregnant and new mums, if your still unsure you can order a free sample to try out from and see how it improves your life!

Moving swiftly on to the other contents, antibacterial gel is a definite help, children love picking up random bits off the floor to show you and I like to think I can quickly get their hands nice and clean again!  My youngest is quite the collector; he comes home from school with his pockets stuffed with all kinds and his enthusiasm continues wherever we go.  I know a healthy amount of germs is probably a good thing, but there is a limit surely!!!

I love my personalised tie up apron, it might actually inspire me to cook, if I am honest my limit is beans on toast and even then its not guaranteed that the toast will avoid being blackened to the point of no return!  Meal times can be messy especially with younger children having an apron is the first line of defence against getting mucky!

Gel foot cushions were included for those mum’s who actually brave tottering around on heels, I gave up on them a long time ago and remain in my trainers as often as possible.  I saw one poor mum with very ambitious heels fall whilst carrying her little one, so they are a no no for me!  Saying that I never mastered them pre-children so I am not about to try now.

The teapigs chocolate flake tea was interesting; the idea is to use it as an indulgent drink once the kids are asleep.  Instead I took it into the playschool to try it out on the staff there.  I found it quite sweet but I do prefer my tea without sugar, with milk (or even cream) like it suggests though it might work better as it was we had it black as we were in a rush to set up for the kids.

I find squeezing in a shower some mornings a real struggle and worry my hair looks a complete state; I liked the included handbag-sized dry shampoo as an alternative when I just have no time to get it fresh!  The bio oil is handy if you have stretch marks I was extremely lucky and did not even have one.  I think it was more luck than anything, because although I did use a moisturising product for baby number 1 by pregnancy number 2 I had no time to focus on myself!  I had a one year old to keep me on my toes…

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