Monday, 15 June 2015

Celebrating #nationalpicnicweek with Wayfair

We are now officially in National Picnic Week (13th to 21st of June) so quickly dust off your picnic blankets, dig out your trusty cool box and stop off at the supermarket for your bread, sandwich fillers and other essential supplies (does cake and wine qualify?)!  I was kindly offered a few items from Wayfair to host my own picnic.  

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Seeing as hubbie and I rarely have quality time with just the two of us I decided on a romantic picnic theme.  So I picked out some gorgeous wine glasses, some delightful cushions (which the boys have now claimed for themselves!), a lantern (so we could look at each other adoringly by candle light!) and an attractive wicker picnic basket to contain our edible goodies.

It made all the difference to our picnic, I felt very relaxed.  We picked out an idyllic setting, made the most of the peace and quiet (okay there may have been some noisy sheep but compared to our kids that’s still calm enough!).  We sipped on wine and giggled in each other’s company.  Our tensions slipped away and we remembered why we were drawn to each other in the very beginning!  It’s so important to carve out that precious time as a couple otherwise your just two people entirely focused looking after your children.

I think everyone should squeeze in at least one picnic this week, you can find recipes over on the National Picnic Week website if you need a little help in that department but in terms of lovely picnic accessories Wayfair has everything you could possibly need and more.  Hopefully we can have a family picnic (exchanging the wine for ginger beer perhaps so we can feel very Enid Blyton!) before the week ends.  The boys love picnics just as much as us, especially when they were smaller, we were always having indoor picnics if it was raining joined by an assortment of soft toys.  We keep our food choices simple fruit, sandwiches, boiled eggs (a new favourite) and some cake, nothing that takes a lot of preparation because usually we want to head out as fast as possible and start wearing the boys out!

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