Monday, 1 June 2015

Changing Bedrooms

The boys bedrooms are looking much better, its great they have finally been separated again.  Eldest is enjoying staying up later reading his books; this arrangement works wonderfully as long as the youngest doesn’t get wind of it!  He thinks they both have lights out at the same time (7pm sharp unless we are on holiday!).  Even though he is 6 he is almost as tall as his older brother so thinks he should be on the same terms as him…

His bedroom is smaller though a fact that has not gone unnoticed either; so to make it seem an exciting proposition anyway we have been looking at new furniture for him.  The things you have to do in the name of fairness (and an easy life!).  The kids beds from Room to Grow are a good choice as some have built in storage, my youngest especially is a hoarder, he likes his little bits and pieces he has as presents or finds on his journeys.

But his bedroom can soon start to look messy, so he needs places to keep his collection (collection might be too grand a word for the mad assortment of things but for the purpose of this blog post I will use it anyway!).  Otherwise if it gets out of hand and far too cluttered mummy might have been tempted to chuck a few of those precious random beads, various shaped stones, used tickets and blu tack (he has always squirreled away blu tack since he was tiny!).  But with the right storage solutions he can keep it all… for now!

Another thing youngest loves to do is look at books quietly in his new room, I like to encourage this as it calms him down when he gets a bit manic.  I love the Stompa bed with so much room underneath, they even do a Single Chair Bed (which naturally transforms into a bed if they have a sleepover!) so he would have somewhere cosy to sit and read.  I want his bedroom to be as inviting as possible, it means he is content to spend time there and have a break from his brother, at times the sibling rivalry is quite intense and the pair of them need to have their own area to retreat too!

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