Sunday, 28 June 2015

Ending Loneliness

I was quite keen to be involved in this latest campaign to end loneliness by the lovely people over at Sunrise.  I think as you get older you can feel lonely at times, especially if the people around you are busy attending to their jobs and children.  I must confess I think I should visit my own parents more, but when we have had a week of playdates, working and taxiing the boys around we are beyond exhausted.  But this campaign made us find the time to cook something for them and play a board game together.

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We settled for the Bread and Butter Pudding recipe, it is not too complicated but the end result was very tasty.  Decent grub can really cheer you up and this Sunrise recipe proved a real hit with everyone, even the boys are now converted to the merits of bread and butter pudding.  My dad wolfed it down, my mum bless her watched on drooling as she is being particularly good right now and abstaining from sugary treats.

Afterwards we brought out a new game to play, Don’t Say It was ideal as it got the grey matter going for us all.  You have to describe a word to your team members without using certain words, some of the cards were quite challenging.  My mum was hilarious to watch as she was very theatrical with her hands and my dad was making the boys giggle by copying her.

It’s lovely having time together as a family, it’s so precious and the boys love their grandparents and are creating lasting memories spending time with them.  So I think we will cook for them more often and continue to play games like we did today.  My mum did not want it to end but after two games it was time for the boys to go to bed.  Next time I might work on hubbie to make the Bailey’s Cheesecake and as Sunrise pride themselves with making each recipe nutritionally balanced I won’t feel too guilty eating it!!!

You can download further recipes from the Dining and Nutrition section of their website.

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