Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Giraffe Basingstoke Review

Eating out with children can be at best challenging but obviously I was not eating at the right places, because Giraffe at Basingstoke proved to be a stress-free and happy dining experience for everyone in our family.

Since our review visit I keep looking if any other blog events we attend have a restaurant in the vicinity because we had such a wonderful time and would love to return.  First impressions are important and we had such a warm welcome, we were quick to be seated and the staff were very attentive and also knowledgeable about the menu, they made some recommendations which proved to be very appetising!   

The restaurant was exceptionally child friendly, the children received a signature giraffe cocktail stirrer each, which was an instant hit, they proved to be a great source of amusement with the boys doing acrobatics and later balancing with them when they were given another for their collection!  

They also had a combined activity and colouring sheet to keep them out of mischief and plenty of colours on the table to share.  With the boys occupied we could leisurely enjoy browsing the menu and later really savour the food (and drink!).

The restaurant had a very relaxed atmosphere and we never felt rushed to leave.  The bubbly friendly staff, the attention to detail (with balloons, colouring and a giraffe for the boys) and the mouth-watering food make this an ideal restaurant to head to if you (like us) are on holiday and just spent the day at a busy theme park and are desperate to unwind!  The boys sunk back into the comfortable booth seating and enjoyed their entertainment and meals, whilst hubbie and I could really talk to each other and not feel like the family with the unruly loud boys...

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On top of all that the cocktails are worth a visit on there own!  They look heavenly and taste just as good, the melon margarita was £6.35 but well worth it I assure you.  I would love to visit with my friends and work my way through the list!!!

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I liked that the children had the option of eating healthier food on their menu, it was refreshing that they could have salmon and salad if they wanted instead of the usual more processed options at some restaurants.

The food was well presented and a decent size, I actually filled up on my shared starter and main course that I had no room for dessert.

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But the boys and hubbie made up for that!

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