Tuesday, 2 June 2015

#HeartlakeCity2015 LEGOLAND Windsor Event

We were all very excited on Saturday morning to be heading to LEGOLAND Windsor for the Heartlake City event.  LEGOLAND Windsor really is our most favourite theme park in the UK and we have been to a fair few, so we arrived bright and breezy and ready to explore.

LEGOLAND have added a new ride called Mia’s Riding Adventure so we made a beeline for that first, we saddled up on our horses, you do need to brace yourself for the restraint at the back going up but once you start the ride you are soon distracted as its lots of fun!  You are on a spinning disk but its not too scary, my boys aged 6 and 7 were happy with the speed and height of the ride.  

You get a great view from the top of all the green trees around the park.  I liked that the ride is not too girly, having two boys if the horses had been all pink, glittery and covered in ribbons they might not have been as keen to pick out a horse.  As it was they just have pastel coloured saddles so appeal to everyone! 

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Eldest even gave his horse a name so you can tell he was getting into the whole experience.  The new ride replaces the digger attraction, but to be honest I think that was starting to look dated and the area has really benefited from the well thought out revamp.  The rest of the newly modelled area has lots of photo opportunities, you have the LEGO friends dotted around, puppies and a horse that you can stand next to and SMILE!  Days out are about making memories and it’s easy to get some great photographs from a visit to LEGOLAND.  It’s not quite as easy at some of the other big theme parks and as a blogger I like pictures!

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You also have the new show LEGO Friends to the Rescue which is an all singing, dancing, water shooting extravaganza.  It's in the same spot as the Pirates of Skeleton Bay Stunt Show, so I kept watching half expecting one of the LEGO Friends to do a double back flip out of the lighthouse into the water... but that's not to say I was disappointed, far from it, when I realigned my expectations we really enjoyed the show. Even with two boys in tow they sat nicely and watched the whole thing, they liked certain features like the mechanical dolphins, one of the LEGO Friends arriving on a jet ski and all the water that appears at the front of the stage.

We had a peek in Olivia's house and were quite impressed with the interactivity of the HeartLake City LEGO model.  Using the ipads you can move around and see extra things happening in the city, like a car appearing or a TV screen coming on.  The boys love technology so this captured their attention.

I think its safe to say even with two boys HeartLake City was a complete hit!

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  1. My oldest daughter use to be Lego friends mad until this year when she started high school, i bet she would still love this though as it looks like an amazing day out for the whole family xx