Thursday, 4 June 2015

Joining the Sealy’s Deeper Sleeper Panel

I have just joined the Sealy’s Deeper Sleeper Panel to document the type of sleeper I am and see what I can do to hopefully become a better one.  Over the coming months I will undertake a series of challenges and let you know how I get on.  Within my blog posts will be advice you can try for yourself if you too have problems with sleeping.

I do not always sleep particularly well, it used to be because of the boys, they would be up lots in the night wanting reassurance if they had a bad dream or just wanting to get up to start the day at any hour from 1am – bearing in mind I had gone to bed at 12pm this was always a tough period in our lives.  Hence why my blog was called Missing Sleep in the first place.

Nowadays I wake up because I have too much on my mind, panicking about deadlines for my blog, wondering if I have taken on too much, thinking about the children then double checking now they are not waking us up that they are actually okay and sleeping contentedly.

Once my mind starts ticking it goes into overdrive and I start clock watching, hoping sleep will engulf me soon but at its worst it can go on like that for hours.  Tossing and turning and hoping I do not wake hubbie in the process, it’s an awful experience craving sleep, feeling tired but not being able to drop back off.  It has got to the point I even write lists sometimes just to clear my mind hoping then I will manage to relax enough to fall back into a deep sleep.

So I was very happy to be sent a rather delightful basket filled with items to help me sleep better from the lovely guys at Sealy.  

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I am always happy to try new things although some of these I do tend to avoid normally, like herbal tea, nuts and dark chocolate in favour for Yorkshire Tea and Cadburys Milk Chocolate!  But if it means I eventually sleep better than I am willing to put my personal tastes aside and at least give them a try!  If your tackling insomnia it might be worth trying these natural methods before jumping on the sleeping pills bandwagon, you never know something might actually really work for you.

Included in the sleep food and drink basket were cherry juice, honey, three types of herbal tea, Bach Willow herbal oil, dark chocolate, walnuts and almonds.  The reason Sealy chose these items is because they are believed to improve relaxation and encourage a deep sleep.   The cherry juice we did not like the taste, even my youngest who adores actual cherries normally turned up his nose so sadly that was crossed off our list, but least we all sampled it.  It’s a shame really as cherries are a natural source of melatonin, a hormone that helps regulate the sleep-wake cycle, but if it got to the point we were really struggling with sleep I am sure I would down a shot of cherry juice and grin and bear the taste!  

In terms of a regular routine I think I could get used to herbal teas, some of them are quite refreshing and dark chocolate although bitter is still chocolate (which I love!).  Honey I can take a tablespoon no worries; I do this when I have sore throats anyway but it apparently also helps regulate blood sugar levels for a better nights sleep.  I know there are things I should avoid before bed like caffeine but it’s about slowly changing my bad habits.  I certainly have seen some improvement in the quality of my sleep from introducing these items.  I just need more time to experiment with which are the optimum ones for me.

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