Thursday, 4 June 2015

Keeping Warm With Melijoe

I think the weather did not get the memo that summer is officially here (it is June after all!); we have had a few exceptionally cold days lately complete with heavy rain and blustery wind.  Being out there is quite miserable, the boys grumble about walking the dog or getting any fresh air at all, so I have picked out a selection of Melijoe clothes to get them wrapped up and watertight until the sun decides to grace us with its presence (summer I promise you will get a warm welcome when you do decide to stay!).

So for me right now it’s not all about flimsy t-shirts and flip-flops but hoodies, raincoats, hats and hiking boots.  When I am convinced summer is going to hang around then I might continue buying summer clothes in earnest but until then I am not persuaded.  Too many people are putting on their heating in June to justify a mad summer shop.

I think these Roberto Cavalli Kids boots (£119) are fabulous, we do a lot of walking normally, but the boys have not got the best footwear for the rugged terrain we try and explore.  Being dragged along by an overenthusiastic puppy they need something with a good grip otherwise they fall over.  Plus the synthetic fur lining will keep their tootsies nice and warm with the plummeting temperatures we are sadly having.

Then a Timberland Fleece Hoodie (£45) because a light one would not be cosy enough when the wind really picks up and they still want to continue their outdoor adventures.  I want these choices to be practical but still stylish and being kitted out in top brands you cannot go wrong really.

Then to make sure they do not lose any heat through their heads I would add a Canada Goose (£113) hat in navy.  Although depending on your funds you can buy a much cheaper alternative like the Souris Mini in red (only £27), it goes to show that you can find items to suit every budget if your willing to have a good rummage around the site.

Finally this outfit choice would not be complete without a decent coat.  I am quite partial of the Little Marc Jacobs reversible padded coat (£120), I think because you get more choice about the colour combinations you can then wear depending on what side of your coat you want to use each day!  Again though if that is too pricey you can search coats and find something in a cheaper price bracket if needed.

Now I have written this its pretty much guaranteed we will have sunshine, don’t you agree?

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