Sunday, 14 June 2015

Kitting Hubbie Out for Father’s Day

In preparation for Father’s Day hubbie was kindly sent a selection of items from scottsmenswear, they have a good mix of clothes and accessories and a handy clearance section if your feeling strapped for cash!  

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Money is always a bit tight here so having an extensive sale section is ideal for us especially one that features recognisable established brands that you know and love already!  His favourite product from scottsmenswear was definitely his new Adidas trainers (£35 in the sale) they were a great colour and matched his new Superdry classic polo shirt (£25.00) perfectly!  I wish he had smaller feet so I could nab them for myself.  

Originally released in the 1980’s the design is a bit retro now, probably why we both like them so much!  They are very comfortable to wear, so much so that he even sneaked them into work to wear in the office.

All hubbie’s socks have holes in so he made a point of topping up on socks again, he now has four pairs of rather fetching Penguin ones much better than the odd assortment he was seen in before!  Although socks might not be the most glamorous of presents for Father’s Day you do quickly learn to value comfort as you get older and appreciate a sock without your toes sticking out!

I have a confession I pinched the Converse bag (£10) before hubbie had time to claim it for himself!  It is the ideal size for my phone and purse, I have decided I prefer an over the shoulder bag like this rather than a handbag I would no doubt put down and forget to leave with!  It’s not too big to overfill and be uncomfortable to carry either.

All in all we are very happy with our experience of scottsmenwear and you still have time to place an order before Father’s Day (21st of June) if you head quick smart to their website.  I will be regularly checking back especially the clearance section to see what bargains are to be had!

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