Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Our Bionicle Battle

It is relatively easy to make a simple but effective LEGO film using an ipad mini and the free LEGO Movie Maker app.  As long as you take little steps with your LEGO figures and make small movements with their arms and adjusting their head each time you can soon pull together some impressive looking footage.  Whenever you make a small change you take a picture and then you play all those pictures together so it looks like a proper film, adjusting the frames per second from 1 to 10 depending on how quickly you want it to progress. 

You can add text and a soundtrack to add to the fun, it’s an interesting activity to do with your children; they will enjoy seeing the finished product and feel incredibly proud of their efforts.  It is a useful way to teach your children the fundamentals of animation.

This is our first attempt just so you can have some idea of what you can do with the app, but we are all still learning.  I should imagine we will get better and better with practise and making sure we line up the current shot with the previous one, instead of snapping blindly!

Afterwards youngest was trying to recreate a Britain’s Got Talent moment with a LEGO dog and a stunt wire to cross!  So the possibilities with this app are pretty vast.  Bionicle LEGO works well because of the opportunity for action scenes given that the figures have remarkable weapons and a good back-story anyway.  But using your own imagination you can make any kind of movie that interests you.

The video loosely follows the exciting Bionicle story the hero’s argue over who will be the boss of the group before settling down to focus their energies on the real battle, that of keeping the masks away from the evil forces.

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