Friday, 12 June 2015

Our Experience: mattressnextday

I was only too pleased to be sent a mattress to review from mattressnextday, customer services rang prior to delivery to confirm my details and I spoke to a very pleasant gentleman from the company.  They then lived up to their name as the mattress arrived very promptly the next day!  Some companies keep you waiting until your postcode has enough deliveries to that area but mattressnextday is ideal if you need a mattress in a hurry!  I was very impressed with the speed of my delivery.

New mattress to #review, is it a valid excuse to go to sleep early? x

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The Coolflex Pocket 1000 Mattress arrived rolled up so you do need to get it flat as soon as possible (ideally in a warm room) so it can return to its proper size.  This can take up to 72 hours so you do not need to panic and phone customer services until you have done that, it will fully expand if you follow this guidance.

I think this particular mattress is most suited for occasional use in our household, possibly a guest bedroom or more general use for those on the slender side!  It is an ideal mattress for teenagers or waif like models but for my chunky hubbie it couldn’t quite cope!  I was just about okay stretched out but sat in one spot it was not quite as comfortable as I could be, but for the price it is a good mattress.  It just depends on what you are used to normally and how much you weigh!  Saying that I would gladly use this mattress over the ones in the budget Days Inn hotel!

But for the price £149.99 (reduced from £359.99) you really cannot grumble, if your strapped for cash mattressnextday seems the best place to shop for beds and mattresses.  They have a “spring” sale at the moment so you can get some generous deals!  I certainly would be happy to return as a paying customer but I would probably spend a bit more next time to find a mattress I really love.  

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