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Park Resorts Brynowen Review

We have just returned from a lovely weekend break at Park Resorts Brynowen, we were allocated a gold caravan for the purposes of our review.  There were mixed reviews on tripadvisor so I was really unsure about what kind of holiday we would have, but thankfully as it turned out we all had a magical time.

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Check in was very straightforward and quick, a map of the park was provided and a schedule of activities.  One of the entertainers was on hand to greet the children in your party.  She gave my eldest a balloon, a lollipop and a joke!  As welcomes go he was very happy with that.  Make sure you have a good look at all your included paperwork as we found a flyer for a free bottle of wine if you headed to the sales office!  The sales office also hosted a free barbecue one of the days of our stay, but we were at the Borth Animalarium so unfortunately missed it!  Mind the boys got to handle a pretty big snake whilst we were there!

#snake charmer x

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We ate most of our meals at the Boathouse Restaurant, which was testament to how much enjoyed our dining experience there.  

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It is a new facility for this year and we were impressed, you can tell considerable investment has gone into this area.  Prices were fair, portion sizes were good and meals arrived promptly.  Excellent customer service, hubbie was even encouraged to order one fresh juice between the boys for breakfast and add ice rather than get two separate drinks.  Given they only need a smaller measure I thought that was a thoughtful gesture and saved us £2.

During the evening entertainment Park Resorts seemed to be a place where friendships were made, my children would happily start talking, dancing and singing alongside other children.  My eldest even drew a picture of his brother, his new mate Olly and himself during the live linked bingo session.  I think it’s a great idea they put out plenty of crayons and paper to keep the children amused if the grown ups need to concentrate on the bingo game.  As it’s linked to over 40 different Park Resorts the prizes can get quite generous so it’s worth having a game to be in with a chance!

I liked how the Sparky Krew Club characters were always about for a quick hug and photo opportunity.  The entertainers themselves are full of energy and encourage the children to get up and join in the games. Even if they do not win they make the children feel good about themselves so no sad faces or tears! My eldest was over the moon as he won a prize for being the best dancer and had a nice Sparky bag to go home with.

A definite highlight was the surprise birthday party for Sparkle, the boys enjoyed helping tie balloons and throw streamers around the tables for decoration, followed by party games with the birthday bunny and then indulging in cake!  Even the grown ups were wearing party hats and getting into the spirit of things.

Brynowen had a well-equipped Adventure Playground with quite a large jungle gym, the only thing lacking were older kids swings but it was still a fabulous spot for the children to burn off some energy in the sunshine.  

Next to that was a sports court if your children fancied kicking a ball about, that seemed quite popular. There was also a nature walk, which was as rustic as it should be; it was fairly short but still handy to encourage children to get some fresh air.

The beach was practically on our doorstep; it was very rocky but still kept the boys occupied for over an hour before we headed off in search of ice cream.

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The swimming pool was a reasonable size with pleasant water temperature, ideal if you’re swimming with little ones that feel the cold.  The lifeguards were attentive and doing a good job ensuring the safety of everyone in the pool.  I was a little concerned about the restrictive times for family swimming (10am – 11:45am as the pool had to squeeze in all the extra entertainment) but as it was we arrived at 10am and had 45 minutes that proved more than sufficient for our two.  The pool had a maximum depth of 1.1m, which meant both my boys had the freedom to swim about and play with the reassurance of still being able to touch the bottom of the pool.

Our three-night stay would have cost £175, which I would gladly pay in the future; I am tempted to book for next year based on such a positive experience this time.  The caravan was a decent size, well equipped and modern and the included activities made it a relatively cheap break away and the site had a great atmosphere.  For the boys aged 6 and 8 it had everything they could possibly want from a holiday and they left still singing the Sparky Krew Club song!

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