Monday, 29 June 2015

Saving Money on Family Trips

With three short weeks until the summer holidays commence in earnest I need to start thinking about suitable activities and days out to occupy the boys.  I like to give them some free time to amuse themselves but most of the time I find something structured works best to keep them focused on doing something other than wrestling each other and bickering incessantly!  But the cost of heading to attractions can be quite prohibitive and I cannot afford to spend lots of money each week just to survive!

I think sometimes a couple of trips spread out over the course of the seven weeks can work well.  The rest of the time making the most of what you have in your locality is a good idea.  If you have a park, beach (for sandcastles) or woodland to explore you can wear them out that way!  A scavenger hunt, some geocaching or similar can wile away the time quite nicely and if you get desperate throw in some screen time and put your feet up (or most likely catch up on the housework!). 

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When we are spending our hard earned cash heading off somewhere I like to keep an eye on tripadvisor to see what the reviews are like, they also have deals on hotels which can make a nights stay more affordable if you head to a site like CoupoRando you will find applicable codes there.

We are lucky to have complimentary Merlin Annual Passes through my blog, but if you live close to some of the bigger attractions they work out very reasonable to buy especially if you regularly visit theme parks.  Since we first used ours in May we have been to Legoland, Chessington, Thorpe Park, Warwick Castle, Alton Towers, Blackpool Tower, Madame Tussauds and the SEA LIFE in Blackpool.  During the holidays we have grand plans to cover London next for Shrek’s Adventure, London Eye and the bigger Madame Tussauds there.

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I blogged about our #StayPlayExplore break this is one option to save money you get three attractions, a nights stay, breakfast and car parking all for only £129.  But if your visiting attractions closer to home make sure you make up a picnic to save on eating out, my two are always badgering for more drinks and snacks so pack plenty!!!

There are free attractions dotted around the UK, so look online and see how much you can do without spending a penny!  This Big Pit National Coal Museum is one example and it looks like an interesting day out especially as you can take part on an underground tour.

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