Wednesday, 3 June 2015

TGI Friday’s Southampton Review

On our recent road trip we have excited to squeeze in a visit to TGI Friday’s.  We took the opportunity to have a family get together so in total there where 12 of us dining (with only four of us doing so complimentary in exchange for this review).  On arrival pretty much the first thing we were told was that we had two hours to eat our meal before the table would be needed by other customers, I think as welcomes go that could be improved somewhat.  Especially as you can only eat as quickly as it takes for the food to arrive and then consume it at a sensible speed without the risk of heartburn!  Our main courses arrived one hour into our two-hour deadline (we skipped on starters), so we were very aware of the time we had left to enjoy our meal, especially as we were keen to sample the desserts!

But that is my one and only criticism of our visit.  The rest of our stay was very pleasant, there was plenty to pick from the menu to appeal to everyone in the group, top up refills were provided promptly, the younger children had fun activity packs to keep themselves entertained (and let the grownups have a good catch up!) and the soon to be birthday boy was given a balloon crown and later had two members of staff sing happy birthday to him whilst being presented with a complimentary slice of cake with a candle to blow out.  Those extra touches were lovely and made up for our initial first impression.

The children's slush (£1.49) looked great and even came with a cocktail cherry!

My main was the chicken fajitas, which was presented well with the salsa, sour cream and guacamole in separate little bowls so you could make each wrap to your own liking.  There was plenty there and it was a very filling meal for the price, £13.99.  Hubbie went for the Monster 2.0 burger (£13.49), which he managed to polish off in no time at all, he said the Sam Adams beer cheese sauce was better than any other relish he has ever tried! The boys both went for fish fingers and chips but it came with a tiny dish filled with pepper, apple and carrot (apparently one of their five a day) so I was glad they were having the opportunity to eat something healthy too.

Moving on to desserts I chose the Chocolate Fudge Fixation (£5.29) it was very chocolaty and indulgent and it definitely was a hit for my sweet tooth!  Hubbie was keen to try the Cookie Dough Cheesecake (£4.99), he took his time to savour his pudding and he said the cheesecake was smooth and irresistible.  Eldest had the Sweet Shop Sundae, which was remarkable value at £2.99 as it came with abundant sweets and it was very appealing for him getting to make up his own sundae.  It’s great they have a dessert choice that lets children be creative.  Youngest went for the Chocolate Brownie (again £2.99) this looked appetising and he soon had a clear plate and I was glad he ate some strawberries in the process!

The customer service we received was above par especially as they did not know we were reviewing so it was an honest reflection of what other customers would most likely experience.  My Sister in Law had an issue with an item on the bill (a mix up with the drinks she had ordered that were not actually on the refillable list but she mistakenly thought they were) and this was kindly rectified without an issue by the manager on duty.

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