Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Transforming Our Garden

Our garden is less of a garden and more a generous stretch of tarmac; I would love for it to be greener it just looks like a car park rather than a proper garden at the moment.  It would be more of an asset for the house if it were transformed into a more attractive space.  We certainly have the space for a few different options, its just finding the necessary budget to get started.

So our plans require hiring a digger for getting to grips with the tarmac, hubbie tried chipping away at it with a spade but it was an unforgiving task with no signs of progress, he was exhausted and had only done one tiny circle.  We will probably need to hire a skip for all the subsequent chaos!  The tarmac is very thick so no doubt it will be a big job.  Actually would I expect any less the whole house has been one epic job after another (you may have gathered some of my earlier enthusiasm has waned slightly!).

The tarmac has been handy for riding bikes but we could still keep some if needed for that purpose round the other end of our house.

Then we have to make the decision about having real grass or something artificial, each having respective pros and cons but I do think I prefer the more natural look overall.  I want to reserve a section of the new improved garden for the boys, ideally gated (to stop the dog going to toilet there!) with a big play area installed, something like the picture just on a small scale.  

For safety as I do worry (lots!) I would like either play bark at the bottom or those rubber mats just in case they ever have a tumble during play.  Grass is soft obviously but can get quite muddy with the boys running about so I think the bark is a suitable choice, especially with the wet weather in Wales.

I am hoping we can get cracking before the boys are all about being with their mates rather than spending time outside at home.  I think the attraction of a monkey gym might wear off as they get older, so I want to do it as soon as possible so they get the most use out of it.  I think I should ring round some digger companies to get an idea and then go from there.  Although wish us look when we navigate around the water pipes!!!

Whilst looking at the play bark I noticed that Compost Direct have a sports quiz live at the moment.  I did not fancy my chances but thought I would have a go anyway to exercise my grey matter.  I managed to get 4/8 but I think it was mostly beginners luck because I am not a sports fan as such, two stadiums I did know outright but the other two points was purely from me guessing!

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