Thursday, 11 June 2015

Trespass Jacket Review

Whilst picking out a review item from Trespass I did get a little side tracked by all the other fabulous products on their site.  I actually then put in an order for two coats for my eldest, fortunately they were quite reasonable as coats at his school have a naughty habit of going walkabout and you do not want to spend too much for them just to go missing!  They had an extensive choice with plenty in his size; I would certainly continue to order their coats from here in future.  

Seeing as my son was getting new coats I settled for a coat to review as well; with the weather so hit and miss lately I did not feel guilty going for something that bit warmer either.  Some people might be ready for shorts, t-shirts and sandals but I am not convinced just yet and went for a waterproof jacket.  My Penrose Women’s Waterproof Parka is ideal for all the dog walking I do in all weather conditions!!!

It is available for a bargain price at the moment of just £31.99 (reduced from £112.99), I do not think the original price is overstated either as this coat is a quality item with lots of useful features.  My previous coat was okay until it poured down and then slowly and surely water would seep in from every angle.  Thankfully my new coat from Trespass has taped seams so those little needle holes in the seams where water would normally get though instead have a special tape applied to seal it under heat and pressure so I have been kept lovely and dry!  I do not think I will ever pick out a jacket again unless it has sealed seams!

I have never felt cold in my coat even when its quite windy and chilly out there, the coat has insulation properties designed to keep in my body heat.  The cold makes me miserable, I do not mind being outside for long periods of time if I am wrapped up cosily but if not then I am a proper grump and quick to head back indoors.  The jacket has lots of pockets, I am not really a handbag girl so great for my wallet, phone and any other random bits and bobs the boys want me to carry!

It’s a very practical coat as you can see from all the features I love, but its still incredibility stylish.  The drawcord means I can tighten the waist so it fits well and I like that I have the choice to detach the fur on the hood or not depending on my mood!  I usually like the fur so I can pretend I am a wildling off Game of Thrones!

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