Monday, 8 June 2015

Where to Start?

It’s official my house is a tip!

The dog does not like sitting on the laminated flooring, so instead she drags her half chewed towels around the house so she has somewhere comfy to lie down.  She could have prime position on the sofa but no it’s much more fun to make the house look a complete shambles by dragging various sheets, towels and blankets from room to room!  Heaven forbid we have unexpected visitors I think they would assume we had been ransacked between the dogs efforts and the boys general chaos!

I want to have a home I am proud to open the door to my friends, not one I secretly hope no one visits!  But it’s hard keeping on top of it all.  The washing pile grows, the dog chews, the boys collect clutter (“oh look mum another interesting shaped stone”, whilst I feign enthusiasm!) and the house slowly and surely turns into an unmanageable mess.

So I am going to make a few changes to hopefully improve the state of the house!  I don’t think the level of disorganisation is good for my feng shui!  I am going to get some rugs from the Rug Mountain so the dog stops moving her belongings from room to room, she should settle down nicely on one of those comfortable mats.  It’s worth a try anyway.

I am going take serious action and return ALL toys to the playroom; our family living room will hopefully become a place of (relative) calm not one where you have to walk the gauntlet of LEGO just to get to the safety of the sofa!!!  

Then at least if someone comes around unannounced I can at least sit him or her comfortably in one room!

I will make a housework rota and give out the boys little jobs they can do to help.  Eldest mentioned last night he was keen to try some hovering more regularly, let’s see how long that lasts before the novelty wears off, but any help however short lived would be appreciated.  The review items pile up, the dust gathers and it seems such an insurmountable task it feels easier not to even try and just put the kettle on…  

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