Thursday, 16 July 2015

A Beautiful Smile

My teeth are not completely white; I drink too much black tea for a Hollywood smile. I tried adding a little milk on the recommendation of a dentist but I cannot stand the taste that way.  Apparently green tea stains less than your average breakfast tea, so that was another avenue I tried but again I never took to that either.  It’s a shame I turn my nose up at that type of tea because it does have supposed health benefits but I am a woman who likes things just so.

Flossing can help with stains but finding time just to brush my teeth of a morning is enough of a battle, we have the school run to prepare for so it’s a very basic morning routine.  Then come the evening when the boys are sleeping and technically I have the time, I am too exhausted to bother (just don’t tell my dentist!).

You can rinse your mouth after your cuppa or glass of wine to help with stains.  But if I have just savoured a glass of wine the last thing I want to do is immediately swill away the exquisite taste.  I use whitening toothpaste and it must help a little, but I think I do need to see what other options I could try. 

I would never try bleaching my teeth at home; we have enough problems as it is dyeing my hair, we stain towels, the bath, my ears and face!  But the difference is if I got whitening wrong I could cause all kinds of permanent damage to my teeth!  A lovely smile gives me confidence so the last thing I want to do is destroy that.

The Centre of Advanced Dentistry Yorkshire is one place you can head to if you want to have it done safely.  All the staff are registered with the General Dental Council and as such have to follow their standards, that’s the kind of reassurance you need when it comes to something as important as your smile.  I know people like to save money where they can but some things are not even worth trying to DIY or go with cowboys.  Only fully qualified dentists should be carrying out whitening and unfortunately there are lots of illegal tooth whitening treatments occurring.  Like anything do your research including reading customer testimonies and checking the credentials of the firm you hope to use.

It's a big business with apparently more than 100,000 Britons relying on whitening treatment every year because of this lots of untrained individuals are touting for business without the proper experience or qualifications.  They may try and use chlorine dioxide which is now proven to strip teeth of enamel, so please do choose carefully.

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