Sunday, 19 July 2015

Being 8

Life is good being 8 is very very cool, because I am older now and can do more stuff.  

I can read more books, play adventure games with my brother and my favourite teacher is in my class.  I am happy in school, the older kids don’t bother me anymore and the younger kids used to say, “Can I play? Can I play?” but they just hang around with their mates now which suits me as I want to be with my best friend.


I hate girls except my mum and family.  I used to have a girlfriend but she just sweared in my face.  

It’s hard to tell if I want a girlfriend or not.  One girl in my class used to boss me around, she said something I had to do; “run around the whole school 10 times”, I said “never!”.


The problem is two of my friends are moving.  I am very sad and one of them kept on coming to me and saying bye in a very sad way and I will miss them lots.

What I find boring

Lots and lots of writing
Travelling in the car for hours
Eating mash potatoes
Drinking milk

What superpower I would pick

Shooting laser beams

My future plans

I would like to be a football player and maybe get married and have only one child (so they don’t argue)

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