Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Blackrock Llama Trekking

This is the third time the boys have been llama trekking and they certainly had more confidence handling their llamas this time round.  We try and go every year now we have found such a unique and memorable experience that they really enjoy.  The boys had Bertie and Benji who were two laid back and very well behaved llamas so easier for them to control.  Llamas will take advantage if you let them and munch on leaves and ferns throughout the trek rather than making progress, you have to keep walking on and asking them to do the same, giving a gentle pull on their rope.

Initially you learn a bit about llamas so you know how best to handle them on the trek.  These llamas are very friendly and used to people so do not spit if treated correctly.  Llamas do not like being stroked on their face so focus on their necks instead where they are quite happy about the attention received.  When walking with your llama its best to keep a gap between them and the next llama.

After your walk you have an opportunity to have pictures with the llamas, they let you hold all the llamas that are on that particular trek so in this case my boys had four in the photo.  We did hear of one group where a young child was holding 12 llamas, which would have been a fantastic photograph I am sure!  So ideally get ALL your friends and family to book so you can re-create something similar.

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Then you return to the beginning to feed your llama and attempt to try the hurdle!  The agility aspect was interesting to watch; these llamas really like to jump.  Blackrock Llama Trekking even have a display team, they are that talented and travel all over the country amazing people with their skills.

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I am sure we will be back again next year!


  1. This looks like so much fun! Certainly not something you get to do everyday x

  2. That looks like great fun. Something for us to try when Monkey is a bit older I think.