Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Making Time To Date

What with hubbie’s work pressures, sleepless nights and busy child focused days there seems little time to work on our relationship!  I know we both need to put in more effort.  I guess I am not the traditional housewife; he does not come home to a warm wholesome meal but then again I do also work from home along with the other chores and childcare (during the holidays) on top.

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Having cleaned the kitchen and loaded the dishwasher, done the washing (and put it away), walked the dog (and made sure the boys have plenty fresh air in the process!), entertained the children (yesterday I played twister, chess and rhyme robber) and helped them with their learning books I have no energy left for him!  In the break I allow the boys an hours screen time I try and write a blog post and have a shower (if I am lucky!).  Then during the day I try and refresh my inbox now and then so I do not miss any exciting correspondence.

So when hubbie finally comes home from work his reception is usually lukewarm, the puppy bless her jumps up all over him tail wagging!  I should be more enthusiastic I should save a little bit of me for him.  But I am wiped out by then, I just want to get the boys tucked up into bed and collapse.  Although instead I usually try and fit in a bit more blogging admin... sometimes hubbie sulks, sometimes he does his own work!

So operation date night is underway, I blogged about whether I could actually stomach a holiday as a couple here but to be honest I am not sure I could handle a week away from the little munchkins.  Perhaps a posh meal, a movie and an early night might improve matters!!!  If I can impress him with a new costume he might remember why he fell for me in the first place.  I know many of my friends really like Coast and fortunately they do have a generous sale at the moment.  However I am hopeless with fashion; I never really had much interest growing up much to the dismay of my mum. 

Most of my clothes are practical for life with kids and a dog (hard wearing jeans, warm hoodies and trainers!) but I have been inspired with this article from Eclipse Magazine so watch this space!  I might be transformed.

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  1. My husband and I don't often have date nights... It's a shame really! You've got me wanting one now haha! I want to go to the cinema to see a couple of films (Ted 2 and Antman) so fingers crossed we can get babysitters! x