Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Mother Hen

At the weekend I headed off to Liverpool with twenty other girls for a friends hen do celebration, preparations had been going on in earnest ready for the weekend.  Gel nails were applied with shiny little gems, hair straightened and bodies tanned a healthy (if not slightly orange!) colour.  I felt in awe of the others who were completely transformed, whilst I kept telling myself being pale is “interesting”… but not convincing anyone!

I was the mother hen of the group, making sure everyone was wearing their seat belts on the mini bus, tutting if they started drinking before lunchtime (the thought of a glass of wine at 9am turned my tummy!) and worrying about the impact of the girls using tanning beds!  Luckily the majority used a fake tan spray, but they did seem to have lots of issues with the colour of their hands and feet.  I have never used fake tan myself so I do not know what is the right way to apply it, just that it seems quite a complicated process to perfect and far too time consuming for me to bother.

For the hen that uses tanning beds regularly I will suggest looking at the tanning products at Just in future.  It’s my nature to worry, often unnecessarily, but tanning beds do seem to have a lot of bad press and it makes sense to see what alternatives are available. 

Reading this article in the NHS just confirms all of that so a tanning product would avoid all the worry about increased risks of skin cancer.  Although the young girls do not consider the long-term health risks they just feel so youthful right now problems like that seem a million years away.  I might get them to switch to other products at Just My Look if I mention things like leathery, wrinkled skin.  My friends are not vain they just like to look their best, so telling them that might be the catalyst they need to stop using tanning beds for good!!!

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