Saturday, 4 July 2015

#Netflix #Streamteam Me and My Dragon Challenge

My boys were very pleased when Toothless came to live with us; the dragon has been coming along everywhere so they can take good care of him as his new dragon trainers!  We were sent him to celebrate the launch of the newest Netflix original series DreamWorks Dragons: Race to the Edge’ and the boys and Toothless have been inseparable ever since.  

He has such a lovely personality for a dragon, well when he trusts you anyway and is then very protective and loyal!  He is still not quite sure what to make of the dog and often stalks around after her... I think they are both disagreeing over who is the alpha of the house!

He is unequalled for his intelligence amongst his dragon buddies, so my eldest son wanted to play lots of fun games with him to stop him getting bored and to appeal to his playful nature. Hide and Seek was a personal favourite for the curious dragon and he had a natural talent for it!  Although he did later use one of his purple fire bolts to get rid of the tree to reveal my son hiding behind it... we are still working on the concept of cheating!
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Toothless had so much energy just like my two boys that we made sure he had lots of fresh air and exercise to keep him in tiptop shape for his next adventure.  It was a good idea to wear him out otherwise he can be found raiding the fish fingers out of the freezer!  Much like the boys but they are always after the sweet stash instead.

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Toothless has a bit of an attitude problem at times, I get the look if I try and tell him how it is!  It's a look already mastered by my own boys.  No wonder the three of them get on so well...

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