Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Our Family is Complete

Having a dog completes our family, she always welcomes us when we arrive home with such energy and enthusiasm whatever kind of day we have had suddenly improves as this bundle of animated fur greets everyone so warmly!!! 

Depending on moods the children or hubbie are not always receptive when arriving home, if school or work has been challenging they might be a bit irritable but Summer the dog does not do grumpy she is always happy, wagging her tail and happy for a cuddle.  Such a lovely welcome cheers everyone up and puts them in a better frame of mind thankfully.

She does have her own challenges; she likes crying for attention, for food or for walks!  But she always loves fuss and it’s hard to stay in a bad mood when you have such a friendly dog.  All the training has paid off now as she has stopped chewing everything in sight, we have got rid of the crate for when we are out or during the night time and given her free access to the whole kitchen as we had no more puddles to deal with finally phew!

She is also very loyal and protective, she likes to keep our family safe although this even extends to when we are watching television and she barks and growls at certain things she is unsure about (dinosaurs off Jurassic Park, animals off Minecraft, any dog and surprisingly Jon Snow).  I have never seen a dog pay so much attention to what is on the television and respond accordingly.

We love our dog so much its important to protect her back, making sure she has all of her vaccinations, regular health checks, pet insurance in place just in case (like the one provided by Argos) and plenty of exercise.  I think its ideal having a dog with the boys because its one way to encourage them to get out walking and have a break from console time even when its blustery and cold but even better when its sunny and warm.

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