Monday, 27 July 2015

Our Summer Bucket List

The boys and I have been writing a list of everything we would like to do this summer.  Well, I say the boys and I but there main contribution was to play Minecraft a lot, so I padded out the list with more variety!  I do not mind some screen time featuring during the summer holiday but I do not want it to be our main focus.  I want the boys to have fond recollections of their summer.

I want us outdoors having adventures, topping up on vitamin D and making memories.  Here are some of my favourite suggestions from our list:

Going fruit picking – raspberries and plums seem a good choice in August and usually you do not have to pay to enter a pick your own field you just pay for the weight of your efforts so it’s an affordable day out!  I still remember fruit picking as a child so it’s been a long lasting memory for me.  Make sure you pack containers to bring your fruit home and remember to protect your family from the sun if it’s a hot day, with plenty of sun cream, fluids and hats for everyone.

Geocaching – we have sadly had a big break from this activity, which is a real shame as we do all enjoy it.  Our bag is still packed with little toys to leave when we find our next cache so we should really plan our next location.  It is an inexpensive day out; just make sure you bring a picnic, a pen and tweezers as the logbook can occasionally be wedged into the container.

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Learn to ride a bike – youngest has been very hesitant to do this so far but I would love for him to achieve it over the holidays.  I think he would have a real sense of satisfaction going back to school in September knowing he finally can.  Although the size of his bike might be putting him off, its tiny and he is almost as tall as his eight-year-old brother.  I had a look on Skate Hut at their BMX shop for inspiration.

Go Llama trekking – this is a favourite of ours, it’s quite a memorable experience and a challenge coaxing the llama along the path when its intent on eating every leaf and shrub it finds…

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Have a water fight – its amazing how long children can be entertained by water.  It’s a great way to cool down on a warm day, ours get out all their buckets, water pistols and water bombs and I generally seem to bare the brunt of it and get completely and utterly soaked through!

What are your plans for the summer?


  1. Llama trekking!! I have never heard of that before!
    Sounds like you have a lot of fun planned! My girls would quite happily play Minecraft all day every day x

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